Travel Junkie is a travel business that is committed to bringing clients the best in value & quality travel arrangements. The owner Danielle Ives-Gardiner is passionate about travel & sharing the world's wonders on the leisure travel side, and providing corporate travelers refined services to facilitate their business travel needs.


Danielle's current qualifications are as follows: ABTA, UK Regulatory Training, Aussie Specialist, Abu Dhabi Specialist, Hawai‘i Destination Specialist, Journey Beyond Specialist & Butlins, Haven & Warner Specialist, She has also completed the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Focus & Newmarket Holidays Travel Agent Training. With more training planned during this year, 


Welcome to an insight of my world...


Hello Everyone,

I'm Danielle but most people call me Danii.


I'm just an average girl from York, North Yorkshire trying to make a change and who is passionate about making your travel dreams come true. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and that theres more to life than what you can see in-front of you, which is one reason why I will do anything to make my goals & your dreams a reality. 

Whilst I was at college I got a bit of the travel bug when I experienced my first solo flight from the UK to New Zealand and since then I've always been off exploring different areas of the UK and Europe. During quarantine 2020 I decided to turn my passion for travel into an income by saying yes to an opportunity that has changed my life. 


For me, travel was a luxury. My partner & I could only ever afford to go on one holiday abroad a year and this was after months of saving! So, I was delighted to find out I could be saving on my travel & earn money whilst doing it. 

My mission is to hopefully inspire you to create your dream life, and to achieve your goals through a dynamic & exciting visual narrative of lifestyle driven content. From exploring the wonders of the world to studying mindfulness.

I'm so excited to share my journey with you.

Danii xx